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From books, magazines, stationery to posters and prints, our envelopes, postal tubes and other mailers will allow you to ship your items safely. Padded mailers, telescopic postal tubes, postal envelopes, book wrap mailers, etc.: our selected range of packaging solutions allows us to meet your needs as an e-retailer and will protect your products effectively against bumps and knocks.

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From books and stationery to posters and prints, our envelopes, postal tubes and other mailers will allow you to ship your items safely. We offer padded mailers, telescopic postal tubes, postal envelopes, book wrap mailers and more. Our selected range of packaging solutions allows us to meet your unique needs as an e-retailer. Our packaging will protect your products effectively against bumps and bruises along the way.

When are mailers and envelopes a good fit for your products?

Some e-retailers make the mistake of shipping all their products in cardboard boxes, without even considering alternative packaging methods. But mailers and envelopes are an ideal choice for many small to medium-sized items. These packaging solutions are designed to fit snugly around the items you are shipping, keeping them safe in transit, eliminating unnecessary waste and minimising expenses.

How to Choose the Right Mailer or Envelope

Mailers are well-suited to small, flat products, such as books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. Our book mailers, mailer boxes and secure mailer boxes are available in various sizes and provide a durable all-in-one packaging solution for your e-commerce business. All three styles feature a self-adhesive closure for quick and easy assembly – no void fill or packing tape necessary.

Envelopes are also versatile and reliable, perfect for shipping stationery, books, photos, prints and other flat items, as well as small electronics, cosmetics and gifts. Our rigid cardboard envelopes have sturdy edges to prevent damage to corners, and our Jiffy padded envelopes add an extra layer of protection to safeguard items during the shipping process. Packing is straightforward with both envelope styles; simply place products inside, seal with the self-adhesive strip and ship.

Benefits of Mailers and Envelopes:

  • Environmentally friendly: When you size your packaging to fit the items you’re shipping, you automatically cut down on material waste. You’re choosing packaging that uses less paper to make, and you’re eliminating the need for void fill and plastic tape altogether. Our mailers and cardboard envelopes are made from high-quality, recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. And our Jiffy padded envelopes are constructed from 65% recycled paper, which is 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

  • Economical: Using fewer packaging materials isn’t only good for the environment; it’s also beneficial for your company’s bottom line. Because mailers and envelopes are slim and streamlined, they are less expensive to ship. And since they require no void fill or tape, they reduce your overall expenses and warehouse storage space.

  • Multipurpose: E-retailers often struggle to find packaging that is suitable for a wide range of products. Mailers and envelopes can be used for many different items, allowing you to change or expand your inventory over time.

How should you send posters, prints and other long items?

Long products ­– like posters, artwork, flags, umbrellas or sports equipment – pose unique shipping challenges. Many of these items don’t fit well in standard boxes and require protective packaging to prevent damage.

Round and triangular postal tubes are perfect for securing these large items during shipment without adding void fill. Our round postal tubes are made from resilient spiral wound fibreboard and include plastic caps for easy assembly. Our triangular postal tubes are a good solution for businesses with limited storage space. While you can fit approximately 200 round postal tubes on a standard pallet, you can stack up to 500 triangular tubes on the same pallet.

  • Protect your items, ensuring they aren't damaged in transit
  • Deliver an easy and a positive unboxing experience
  • Cut down on the materials you need, minimising both costs and waste

How to choose the right box for items of various sizes?

This is a common challenge for e-commerce businesses. You sell a variety of items, and they don't all fit in one standard box. Try one of these strategies:

Determine if you can fulfil orders using boxes in just a few different sizes - for example small, medium and large. Our versatile single wall cardboard boxes are sold in 10 different dimensions and can be used to ship various products. 

Customise boxes to fit each product. We developed our Made2fit cardboard boxes to solve this exact problem for e-commerce businesses. They come in just two standard sizes. but you can adjust them to create 26 different sized boxes - perfect for anything you are shipping.

How to choose the right box for items of different weights?

Weigh your products before getting too far in your packaging selection process. Many retailers, including DS Smith, allow you to filter products based on weight: light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty. Lighter items are generally easier and more affordable to ship.

Light duty (up to 5 kg) and medium-duty (6 to 15 kg) boxes, such as single wall boxes or postal boxes, are multipurpose packaging solutions suited to many items.

But if you do need to ship heavier items, opt for double wall cardboard boxes. These sturdy boxes feature double-fluted cardboard and the extra layers of protection safeguard products against harm during shipping.

How to choose the right box for fragile items?

Delicate items, such as electronics, art and glassware, require extra care to make sure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Look for packaging that both secures items in place and offers a layer of cushioning against bumps and shakes.

Tips for protecting your fragile items:

  • Leave as little room as possible. Items packed in a box that is too big are in danger of rattling around and breaking in transit. Choose a cardboard box that fits snugly around the product and appropriate void fill (like bubble wrap or kraft paper).

  • Hold items in place. Secure a fragile item inside a shipping box with an interior retention unit, or use a retention pack, an all-in-one packaging solution, to ship breakable items like mobile phones or tablets without the need for additional void fill.

How to choose the right box for high-value or sensitive items?

When you ship high-value or sensitive items, such as jewellery, food, drink or cosmetics, you and your customers want extra assurance that no one will tamper with them en route. Secure postal boxes’ have a unique closure that effectively prevents interference or theft.

From classic corrugated cardboard boxes of every size to specific e-commerce boxes, DS Smith's shipping boxes will meet the needs of every e-retailer. Our flexible solutions make shipping and packaging easy. Browse through our range of packing boxes designed for e-commerce businesses and find the perfect solution to ship your products to your customers.

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