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We are DS Smith's online packaging store, one of the largest UK corrugated packaging companies from 1940, with the greatest experience in designing, manufacturing and delivering bespoke boxes

DS Smith ePack is an e-commerce packaging company with vast experience in all forms of online retail, from clothes and cosmetics to more unique consumer needs such as food and wine and beer.

Let our professional customer service team help you make a decision! Only submit your contact details and one of our e-commerce packaging experts will contact you to find the right and most cost-effective packaging solution.

We are the best choice for your bespoke boxesWe are the best choice for your bespoke boxes

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  • What is a bespoke box?

    A bespoke box is the packaging that we design and produce custom for you, out of the excellent regular cardboard boxes or those that we customise for you with a particular dimension or with your branding needs.

  • What boxes can we produce?

    DS Smith ePack is in a great position to help you with this, as we are DS Smith's online store. We are UK packaging manufacturers with a large experience in corrugated board and production capacity. We can make regular single and double wall boxes of your size, but also other postal cardboard boxes or more unique packages such as bottle cartons or food packaging for the delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables, for example.

  • What is the delivery time for a bespoke box?

    Our delivery time depends on your packaging requirements. If one of our standard solutions in our range is the right option for you, only adding your own branding, we will deliver within five workdays from artwork approval. But if you need a particular box structure that we need to design and produce for you, it can take more than ten days to complete proposals and design approvals.

  • Which materials do you work with?

    Sustainability is within DS Smith DNA. We are a UK leading packaging company, delivering eco-friendly packaging solutions made of cardboard and solid board with the highest quality service across the country.

    DS Smith is a leading global manufacturer of sustainable corrugated case material operating 14 recycled fibre mills, one of the biggest placed in the UK, two virgin fibre mills, and over 14,270 ha. of forest.

    We are also Europe’s largest cardboard and paper recycler: managing circa five million tonnes per annum. We provide integrated recycling and total waste management services.



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